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Welcome to myndmess! This wiki is about personal information management. It's about finding a personal information management system that allows groups of people to collaborate on personal organization. See Category:Contents for a categorized list of many articles on this myndmess, or Special:AllPages for a list of all pages.


main articles: Category:Contents and Project:About

myndmess was born out of the frustration that many people have when working with shared note taking tools. The myndmess community is trying to grapple with the following considerations:

  • interoperability - what tools are the most helpful? What's the most interoperable wiki format? You say that Markdown is the standard wiki format; ok, so which Markdown flavor: CommonMark or something else? Is pandoc the best general-purpose conversion tool between wiki formats, or are there others?
  • storage - does a personal wiki need a database? What about just having text files on a POSIX filesystem? What sort of "text" is valid? Is any valid UTF-8 formatted character acceptable?
  • organizing - does a good personal wiki need to allow hierarchy? Aren't tags just as good?
  • time - how is time expressed? what units of time are useful/important? Are ISO weeks useful? What about calendar quarters?


main article: Applications

The myndmess community does not want to reinvent the wheel. Many people have tried to create personal organization systems, and some of them have even been successful It's about discovering the most functional wheels that exist, and figuring out how to put them on a useful mode of transportation.

At one point, Evernote was most popular personal notetaking system. It is still very popular, but other systems (such as OneNote and Google Keep have emerged). Additionally, systems such as Zim have made an interesting tradeoff between usability and open development. See Applications for a list of options being considered for interoperability in the Myndmess ecosystem.


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