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Org-mode is a hierarchical notetaking system originally built on top of Emacs, but has its own wiki text format that doesn't seem to rely on parenthesis, and is reasonably parse-able and readable outside of Emacs.

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On 2020-05-10, Rohit Goswami (@rg0swami) shared some interesting reflections on using Org-mode as part of a workflow.

RobLa has been considering the format for his Pinboard-based bookmark exports (implemented in Pinsplat). Pinsplat currently exports each bookmark into two small text files: one JSON-based, and one MIME-based. But it seems like an Org-mode-compatible format would improve compatibility with other tools.


The original and still-predominant way of editing .org files is via Emacs org-mode. Though it's possible to use other editors[1], the most advanced features rely on the Emacs platform.


See also: Orgzly, MobileOrg, and Beorg

Org mode files can also be edited using at least three applications geared toward mobile-specific operating systems: Orgzly (for Android), MobileOrg (for iOS), and Beorg (for iOS).



See also: wiki format

In 2017, Karl Voit posted "Org-Mode Is One of the Most Reasonable Markup Languages to Use for Text" to his blog, where he called Org-mode "the best lightweight markup language for many use-cases". Additionally:

Please do note that this is not about Emacs. This is about Org mode syntax and its advantages even when used outside of Emacs. You can type Org mode in vim, notepad.exe, Atom, Notepad++, and all other text editors out there. And in my opinion it does have advantages compared to the other, common lightweight markup standards such as Markdown, AsciiDoc, Wikitext or reStructuredText. Of course, Org mode is my favorite syntax. Despite my personal choice you will see that I've got some pretty convincing arguments that underline my statement as well. So this is not just a matter of personal taste.

Voit then provides a very compelling case for why Org-mode syntax is a well-designed wiki format, and works well outside of Emacs.