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I'm Rob Lanphier, and I'm your host on this wiki. See User:RobLa/Journal for what Rob has been up to lately, or just keep reading to learn more....

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Journal[edit | edit source]

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This is a page I've been using like a blog, but as a blog focused on myndmess-related stuff. I've been keeping this blog since early May 2020 (my first entry: User:RobLa/Journal). Since then, I've been making many blog posts about the technology that I consider related to myndmess, which is pretty much all tech.

Since this project is about interoperability with personal notetaking systems, it also ends up vacuuming up many other projects.

I've been futzing around with note taking systems as a background hobby for quite some time. Many years ago, I hacked a plugin or two for Zim that were mainly for my personal use. Then personal circumstances forced me to use an Android phone and a Chromebook for a while, and I went looking for portable systems. I tried using the elephant in the room: Evernote, but I ran into many problems with it. I became a big fan of WorkFlowy for a while, and spent a fair amount of time just making notes in Google Docs work reasonably well. I tried using Google Keep seriously. I also tried writing some tools based on Pandoc. I switched around for many years after that, even relearning wikipedia:Emacs so that I could use Org-mode. I'm largely back to using Zim, and may start contributing upstream again (e.g.

One thing I would love to do is to be able to edit this journal (and this wiki) as Zimwiki notebook. But MediaWiki and Zim use different wiki text formats. The chain to do that with existing tools would be incredibly complicated. One possible workflow:

  • Use a tool like Git-MediaWiki to check out this wiki
  • Use a tool like pandoc (and many scripts) to convert the MediaWiki markup in to Zimwiki markup
  • Import the notebook into Zim

With ^that, there's the ability to make local edits to a MediaWiki-based wiki (like this one). But then, to push it back means many kludgey scripts and whatever else. Meh.

In the end, though, it seems like there is an infinite number of PIM/CRM/note-taking systems, and it doesn't seem like convergence is happening very quickly. Since people prefer systems that integrate into their personal workflows, it means pretty wide divergence in integration requirements.

As of 2020-06-13, There are many pages listed here: Special:WantedPages. Much more writing to do....

This is why interoperability between tools and simplicity in data format so important.

Others[edit | edit source]

I keep journals like this one on other wiks. Here are some of my other journals:

But on this wiki's journal (User:RobLa/Journal), I'd like to talk about best current practices for writing on a wiki. Sometimes, one is working on a personal wiki, and sometimes, one is working on a big collaborative wiki like Wikipedia. And most wikis are somewhere in between.