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Zim - cross-platform personal wiki software

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Tomboy used to be more popular, but according to Google Trends, Zim is winning that head-to-head battle:


Zim has a Dokuwiki-derived format that is partially supported by pandoc as "ZimWiki" markup. Writing is supported, but reading isn't supported yet.




Commentary from User:RobLa

I've been working with Zim off-and-on for many years now, since my migration from Tomboy in 2010. I loved the fact that Zim used the plain text files rather than Tomboy's database-based approach at the time.

There are many interesting attributes that are both positives and negatives:

  • Mature codebase with a lot of users
  • Uses a markup language partially supported in in pandoc
  • Many, many features
  • Unique non-Markdown markup
  • GUI is very focused on the Category:GNOME desktop